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Basic Kissing

A simple kiss can actually have different meaning. It could be friendly, romantic, affectionate, or passionate. What's important is that every time you kiss, you have to make sure that it is satisfying on both parties.

But before you pucker up your lips and start learning about the art of kissing, it is best that you learn some basic guidelines as your first base.

Kissing more than just touching lips Kissing doesn't not only entail the touching of each other's lips. This experience actually involves touch, taste, and even smell. The touching of lips stimulates you and your partner's nerve endings, sending sensations throughout the body, not to mention couple's tendency to caress each other. A great kiss should also be void of bad breath and other distracting taste that you may sense. So before kissing, make sure that you popped a breath mint and offer it to your partner as well.

Practice first You don't just go into something that you have absolutely no idea about. Before going on a date, it is best to practice how you should kiss to avoid embarrassment on your part. You could start with practicing with an inaminate object, kissing your hand, playing with a lollipop or eating ice cream on a cone. Also, consider watching romantic movies and see how couples kiss.

Expect a kiss, so be prepared beforehand When you are on a date, or when your partner is about to approach you, expect some lip locking to ensue. Before that happens, make sure that your teeth are brushed, your mouth is clean, and your lips are moisturize. However, don't be too obvious about popping a mint or applying lip gloss as your date goes for a kiss. A little bite and lick on the lips would do just fine.

Look before kissing A passionate kiss begins with an intimate stare into your partner's eyes. Gaze for a few seconds before closing your eyes. Then, lean forward and let your instincts take over.

Remember to pause Once you have landed a soft kiss on the lips of your date, hold back a little. Relish the sensation it makes in your body, think about how it makes you feel good. Look into the eyes of your date for a few seconds, then close your eyes once again as you lean forward for a longer, more passionate kiss.

Keep your lips slightly parted as you kiss Kissing with your mouth closed is not cool. It makes your lips stiff and it certainly looks one-way, even rude. Also, make sure that your lips are soft, moist, and warm as you kiss.

Keep your body in flow Doesn't it fell awkward when you and your date bump heads while kissing? When kissing, open up your body by putting your hands on your partner's back, hips or shoulders. Also make sure to keep the distance close, and tilt your head as you go for a more intimate kiss.

A perfect kiss is firm, but tender To make this trick work, imagine yourself softly eating a mango as you kiss your date. Approach the kiss with a little force from your mouth. Pout your lips as you close them, then open them again as you continue kissing.

Kiss with genuine intimacy A kiss is something that you cannot fake. You may say that you are attracted to your partner, but the kiss says otherwise.

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