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Suggestions for a Creative Date

Here are some creative ideas to get your dates started and spice your relationship as well:

A night under the stars Try taking your date to a planetarium and view the constellations from a telescope or watch the starts whirl beneath the dome? Or you could take your date to somewhere private, like your garden or a beach, then lay out a blanket and candles, and enjoy an evening together watching the stars in a real sky.

Amusement park Bring out the child within your partner by treating him or her to cotton candy, rides on the Ferris wheel, and fun shooting games.

Zoos and aquariums Animals appeal to people's sense of romance, as well as a sense of humor. This is also a good suggestion for a first date as observing the antics of animals has a way of breaking the ice.

Skating at a local rink Follow this up with some hot chocolate and fun conversation in a cozy caf.

Psychic sessions Visit your local psychic together to have your palms and tarot cards read. You can even get a past-life reading to see if you have known each other in a past incarnation.

Art tour Spend a day together visiting local art galleries and museums. Make sure you visit the gift shop of the museum to buy your date a token that expresses your appreciation for him or her.

Mazes and labyrinths If your city has a maze, see if you and your date can get lost together inside it. Walking a labyrinth together is not only said to be good for the soul, but it will help you define your goals together.

Cooking class Sign the both of you for a cooking class and have fun feeding each other's delicious tidbits.

Feng Shui date Visit your local Chinatown and hunt for lucky charms, wind chimes, and small statues to bring the two of you good health, wealth, and happiness. Finish you shopping excursion with a meal for two at a Chinese restaurant.

Play in the snow If it is snowy outside, take advantage of the weather and build an ice sculpture or snowman together. You can also ride on a toboggan together and slide downhillholding each other, of course. Finish the day with steamy hot chocolate or apple cider in front of the fireplace.

Love letters Buy special paper and pens. Make a date by writing love letters in front of each other. Once done, exchange the letters and read them out loud. Torrid romance almost always ensues right after this one.

King or queen for a day Assign a date where you will treat your lover as a king or a queen for that day. Your date will not have to lift a finger while you meet every demand and errand he or she commands. This package should include a foot rub as well as serving your date's favorite foods.

Sunrise date Surprise your date by calling him or her early in the morning and asking if he or she want to meet to watch the sunrise with you. Drive to a beach or some other beautiful location and simply watch the sun rise to the horizon. Afterwards, share a brunch at a restaurant.

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