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First Date Creative Ideas

In dating, the first few dates should be the most enjoyable because this is where you are building that first impression. The following suggestions on putting an added pizazz on the first date should come in handy.

An element of surprise When inviting your date for a second date, don't tell him or her where you are going. Instead, try blindfolding your partner until you reach the surprise destination, such as a picnic laid out for two in a park or a living strewn with rose petals. This not only tickles your lover's fancy but also adds an air of excitement to the date.

Get quirky Dating is not limited to renting a video and falling into bed, or eating at the same restaurant everyday. Think of ways to entertain your lover such as renting costumes and holding your own theme night, complete with food in your apartment, or try taking up dance lessons.

Emphasize on mutual interest Try to remember which interests brought you together in the first place. It's not fun to watch a football match if your girlfriend who is with you is completely bored watching the game. If you are both interested in art, then try something artistic and fun like pottery. If you love animals, how about a trip to a zoo?

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