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Knowing What Attracts You

Everyone has a list of qualities that attract him or her towards another person. Most of the time, we have a pre-determined checklist on what we want in another man or woman, only to realize later in life that there are other qualities that attract you more. Here are some ways to determine your ideal love partner criteria.

Make a list of what you want Write down exactly what you are looking for in the opposite sex. Make a list of the most important characteristics and qualities you are looking for in a partner. Start with the physical qualities and then work your way into the more detailed aspects such as education background, personality, etc. Bear in mind that this list is not permanent, as we tend to realize that there are other qualities that attract you while other aspects that used to attract may not be appealing at all.

Make a list of the qualities that attracted you from other people Write down the people you remember you have been attracted to during your life. It could be past relationships, family members, celebrities among others. Next to each name, list down all the things you remember liking about that person. Knowing what characteristics you like in a person would prepare you better in searching for that ideal partner.

Make a list of what you need With a trusting friend or relative, have him or her list down your personality qualities as honestly as possible. Then, list the qualities opposite yours. From these opposite qualities, circle those that you think would make you a better person. For instance, the one you need could be your source of strength and motivation to complement your lack of drive.

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