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Advanced Kissing Tips

Now you have read the basics of kissing and tried it on your date. It went well. In fact, it was awesome. However, is there a way of taking the kiss to the next level?

Yes, there is. And we are here to enumerate some of the best suggestions.

Don't feel icky about tasting your partner's lip gloss The reason why some lips stick, lip gloss or chapsticks are flavored is because they are meant for kissing. Don't mind if you swallow some wax as you kiss your partner.

Use your sense of touch As you kiss, make sure your hands are going around your partner's body. You can start on the neck, then going to the back of the head, going down to the shoulders, and the hips. You get the drift.

Close your eyes as you kiss Closing your eyes as you kiss mean that you are letting your guard down as you accept your partner's intimacy. You can look at each other for a few seconds, just don't stare too much. That would be creepy.

Kiss other parts of the body Aside from the lips, you can also kiss your partner through other parts of the body that have a high concentration of nerve endings like the neck, the eyes, the ears, chest, even underarms.

Don't lose your kissing Kissing is an important aspect of a healthy romantic relationship. Don't settle down to the companionship level once you get comfortable towards each other as a couple. You need to maintain that level of intimacy as your relationship progress.

Incorporate kissing to your daily life Greet your partner good morning with a peck on the cheek. Give her a smooch before she leaves for work. Then get a little intimate come bedtime with a petting on the neck.

Take advantage of your tongue Don't just stick your tongue out when kissing. Make it explore around your partner's mouth, even going around some sensation spots that would make your partner feel really good.

Giggle as you kiss Make kissing an enjoyable activity between the two of you. Smile before kissing, and giggle a little in between kisses. Don't overdo it though for your partner might mistaken it for some insult.

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