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What Makes You Fall In Love?

Romance is an integrated emotion and urge in human life. Human body and psychology is designed to attract members of opposite sex. This intelligent design is the key to human relationships and sexuality which further works as basic element of human continuity on earth through procreation. Usually male and female counterparts feel the buds of romance germinated within at the beginning of adolescence itself.

Sexual maturity has no role in bringing romance on ones minds as people may feel romance much before they attain puberty. Romance is a psychological application imprinted into your brain which is stimulated even in the childhood itself. There are several social and psychological aspects behind a person’s inclinations to fall in love.

  • Human beings today live in societies where crystal clear laws are defined regarding the human relationships. Society encourages every adult to live in families where they procreate and grow kids as responsible members of society. A child who reaches the age of puberty sees male female relationships all around and gradually he/she too seeks the company of a counterpart.
  • Society, through life examples and media, fuses the idea of male female relationships into a child and he/she feels an urgency of falling in love within. Society opens more and more chances for girls and boys to interact. This helps them to fall in love easily as things or people most seen become dear to eyes. Today’s family atmosphere plays a great role in making people falling in love.
  • Kids lack parental care as parents may find no time to spare for kids in their busy schedule of life. Thus the only option of receiving care and love is to find out a male/female partner who can substitute all other people. It is a proven fact that less cared kids at home often fall in relationships earlier than others. They satisfy the urge for love in a romantic relationship. This insecurity and unloved feelings often make kids end up with unhealthy relationships too. When the romance is concerned, the social reasons are more visible compared to the psychological or hormonal reasons.

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