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Category:  Guide for Men Post Date:  4/9/2010
Posted by:  Amad Email:  
Question:   I am writing this to you after 9 months. My girlfriend left me due to her family problems and I accepted it first and later I am suffering until now. I always feel sad and spoiled all my relations. I am a kind of introvert some times and i lose all my relations very quickly due to misunderstandings by all the people i meet. she is the only one who was with me for 4 years and she says she forgot me completely. she is having good time with friends and family. I lost all my interest in relations and I am scared to be a friend to someone. I lost everyone I met until now and I cannot take it anymore. I thought of killing myself instead of being pain to everyone.

I still love her maam. she always comes into my mind. I am turning into a delicate hearted person recently and crying for simple things. Please help me what to do in this situation maam.Should I forget her and how can I do that. I took one year and still it appears to be the same situation and I am very scared of the future where she gets married and lives happily with her husband. I just fear that my mental condition will worsen and I may do something to myself. It appears to be fine some times and suddenly I feel worse and sad. Ill sit and start crying thinking about her.

Please help me.... .....Detail

Category:  Flirting Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:  Zahid Email:  
Question:   I like this girl named jessica but I dont want to ask her out. How do I get her to ask me out?P.S.- I think she kind of likes me a little......Detail

Category:  Flirting Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:  Zahid Email:  
Question:   Is it impossible to find a date through the chat rooms?.....Detail

Category:  Online Dating Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:   Email:  
Question:   i met this girl like 2 weeks ago,she is from oversea just what i am, i have been helping her with her house, buying refri,tvs microwave etc.. well i really like this girl but i dont feel like she likes me,what should do to make her likes me?what kind of conversation u sugest me when im with her?.....Detail

Category:  Guide for Men Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:  sumi Email:  
Question:   I have recently broken up with my boyfriend last month, and now I feel like I am ready to start a new relationship. Is it too soon to move on? I am scared that people might see me as a bitch because of moving on too soon......Detail
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Category:  Relationships Post Date:  2/5/2009
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Question:   Please help! Ok, on July 14, 2007, I met this girl that I was kind of attracted to. I can see by the tips that are on this website, she might be attracted to me. She calls me once every day and my message inbox on my phone is filled with text messages from her. Do you think she likes me? And if she does, how exactly should I approach her?.....Detail

Category:  Flirting Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:  Rahul Email:  
Question:   There is a girl I have liked for a while now, and I want to ask her out. We both like classical music, and I thought it might be nice if we went to a concert. I often go myself or with my father, and I had thought about telling her that this time, my father cannot come, so I have a spare ticket, and would she like to come. I don't want to make it seem like she is just a second choice for companionship at the concert, but I don't want to just ask her straight out to go to the concert with me, because I don't want to be rejected. I want to know whether my approach is correct, or does it make it seem like she isn't important enough to me, (a spare ticket as opposed to me especially buying a ticket for her to come)?.....Detail

Category:  Intimacy Post Date:  1/22/2009
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Question:   how do u get over a girl who was ur friend and found out about ur feelings towards her, even though she goes to the same university as you, you have friends in common, and you're both from the same town.. i tried being her friend again but she's just so distant and i don't want to put nemore effort into fixing things wen she's giving me the impression she's just being polite .. is dr a way of fixin the relationship or should i just keep my distance and avoid her untill i forget about her ?.....Detail

Category:  Flirting Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:  Zahid Email:  
Question:   There is a girl i love but she does not know it. What should i do?.....Detail

Category:  Guide for Women Post Date:  1/22/2009
Posted by:  zahid Email:  
Question:   how do i approach any woman anywhere and make think of me sooo much.....Detail