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Category:  Guide for Men Post Date:  1/22/2009
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Question:  I have recently broken up with my boyfriend last month, and now I feel like I am ready to start a new relationship. Is it too soon to move on? I am scared that people might see me as a bitch because of moving on too soon.
Answer:  Different people deal with break-ups differently. Some may take a lifetime to get over someone they love, while others would only take a trip to the hairdresser or a spa, and some would get over a break-up in a day or two. If you feel you are ready for a new relationship--that is, because you are ready and not because you want to forget the pain of the break-up--then go for it. Do not let other people, especially those you do not know, dictate what you should do with your love life. I hope that helps!

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