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Privacy Policy
What is considered public:
Everything you choose to enter when creating or editing your profile, with the exception of your password and e-mail address, is visible to everyone that uses this site, regardless if the person has a profile or not. If you enter your e-mail address in any field other than the "E-mail" field when creating or editing your profile, it will also be viewable to the public.
Security of your profile.
Passwords are stored in the database using 128-bit encryption. Your password provides access to the editing and deleting of your profile, your list of favorites, your messages, your user settings, and your photo if you choose to have one. Communicating your password in any way to any person, other than yourself, comprimises the security of your profile, and provides this person the said benefits of knowing your password.
What is considered private:
Your password, e-mail address, and messages are private and will never be released and/or sold by Shadi Korner to a third party for any purpose unless (a)required to do so by a law enforcement agency, or (b)you choose to include either in your profile (as part of your user name or "About Me" text).