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What's this Messages tab for?
    On dating.NET, you can send and receive messages to and from other users.
Messages can be used for chatting, exchanging phone numbers, or whatever
you want.

If you want to communicate with someone more directly, you should
exchange real e-mail addresses or phone numbers, but if you don't want to do
that for some reason, you can message back and forth with someone without
them ever knowing your real name or e-mail address (unless it's part of your
user name or in your profile). That way, if the person turns out to be a psycho,
you can just block their messages and forget about 'em.

How do I send someone a message?
 1. Use the Search to find a user or click on the Favorites tab.
2. Click the user's name to view the person's profile.
3. Click on the "Send A Message" link.
4. Type your messages and click "Send".